SEO London.

As a business owner, you will want to know what you will get for your investment in an seo service. Here at SEO Uk, we will only charge you as you site ranks in the search engines. Unlike other seo services, they charge you a monthly fee, regardless where you are ranking in Google, you may have previously worked with an ineffective or incapable SEO London company that failed to deliver results, this is where it stops. You will have milestones for each phase of your seo campaign.

Here are some benefits that clients enjoy with pay as you go SEO services:

Pay When You Reach these Milestones.


  • Initial start up fee.
  • When you reach Googles Page 15.
  • When you reach Googles Page 10.
  • When you reach Googles Page 5.
  • When you reach Googles Page 2.
  • When you reach Googles Page 1.

This is a plain and simple plan. We will base our cost on your chosen keywords. The harder the keyword the more the plan will cost.